Employee Resources

COVID-19 Division Compliance Coordinator (CDCC) list

Contact your CDCC for information about the L.A. City Vaccination Program

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COVID-19 Signage Catalog for Facilities

Document includes signage options and instructions on how to request.

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COVID-19 Guidelines for All Employees

A Powerpoint presentation you can use at staff and safety meetings about how you can your workplace safe from COVID-19.

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Telecommuting Office Safety Guidelines

Working from home? Here are ergonomic tips and guidelines to work safely at home.

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Proper Use and Care of Face Masks

Learn how to effectively use face coverings as an additional layer of protection from COVID-19.

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Safe Removal of Disposable Gloves

A step-by-step guide to dispose of gloves safely.

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What to do if you are sick

Guidelines from the CDC

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Daily Telecommuting Productivity Report

Fill this out daily and submit to your supervisor 

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Welcome Back to the Workplace

Learn the basics of LADWP’s strategy to prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 illness and the contribution you can make ensure that our game plan is successful.

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COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

This document provides guidance for LADWP Divisions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This includes the basics of staying home if you are sick, social distancing, personal hygiene, and surface disinfection.

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Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

The LADWP Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) has been developed to ensure that the culture of LADWP integrates consideration of employee safety and well-being into every business process.

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Emergency COVID-19 Telecommuting Agreement

Employees who have requested and have been approved to telecommute must complete the following Emergency COVID-19 Telecommuting Agreement.

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Controls Work Together to Reduce Risk of Infection

A visual representation of how to prevent infections

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Facility IIPP Addendum – COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

This plan is designed to supplement any Facility IIPP.

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Managing Outbreaks in the Workplace

LA County Public Health Officer Order

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Protocol for Social Distancing

Appendix A Order of the Health Officer

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Reopening Protocol for Warehousing, Manufacturing and Logistic Establishments

Appendix C Order of the Health Officer

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